Can We Moms Really Trust Going Cloth?

I was one of those Zen Moms with an ideal image of using cloth diapers on my babies, saving their little bottoms from rashes, and saving the green in the world in the process.

I did use cloth diapers on both my boys, and they very rarely had rashes on their little sensitive bottoms, so I must have done something right.

But that initial image was far different from my cloth diaper reality, and it’s nothing like yours could be!

Hi, Mary Kathryn Johnson here, and my boys were babies around the year 2000, so lots has changed since then.

See, I still have the cloth diapers I used on my boys, and they are those old-fashioned rectangle, soft pieces of cloth that I still use today as dusting rags. When these were actually doing their diaper duty, I had to pin them, and use a water-proof diaper cover to keep everything inside and the world outside nice and dry.

The new cloth diapers are an all-in-one system now.

These Pocket Cloth Diapers are incredible, and they make your life so much easier than mine was!

Here’s how they work:

There is an outer water-proof layer that acts just like the diaper cover I used, but it has a pocket for the actual absorbing pads to do their stuff.

There is also a nice, soft pad that sits on the inside of the cover to keep baby’s tushy cushy.

Simba and Mama Pocket Cloth DiaperSimba and Mama Pocket Cloth Diaper Inside

Simba and Mama Pocket Cloth Diaper Parts
Simba and Mama brand Pocket Cloth Diapers (No, I’m not an affiliate)

Isn’t that amazing?!

So, now we have covered the ease of use for modern cloth diapers, let’s check out some other reasons going cloth might be the wave of the future…

Okay, So What About Jr’s Bum?

If Jr isn’t gonna have a problem wearing cotton undies, he won’t have a problem wearing cloth diapers!

No nasty chemicals in these babies!


Sodium Polyacrylate


Go ahead…look them up on Google!  Those three chemicals are in disposable diapers, and we put them on our precious little baby’s body (let alone in our landfill to leach into our ground water)!

Want to save some $$$$?

Yeah, me too!

Okay, according to this calculator, disposables will cost you between $2,000 and $3,000 per child (depending on the type you buy).

Full time cloth diapering will set you back $1,000 per child (including the extra detergent, water and electricity bills).

And…if you add a sh*t load of modern pocket cloth diapers to your baby registry, your in the green, because all you need now is what you need to keep your own clothes clean!

What about Cleaning up the Mess?!

Hey, Mama ~ I had to dump the doo down the loo, and soak the diapers before sticking them in the washing machine.

Now, my new machine has a “sanitary” cycle that is perfect for washing those pocket inserts and pads, so the machine does what machines should do, and that is make light work of dirty work!

I don’t need to talk about the environment, do I?

I think we can all agree that cloth diapers win the global warming war hands and butts down!

You can consider yourself in the top 20% if you #GoCloth, because 80% of U.S. parents use disposable diapers (Disposable nappies: a case study in waste prevention. April 2003. Women’s Environmental Network)

That adds up to 3.4 million tons of dirty disposable diapers in the landfill.


So, I think we can all safely say that “YES!” we moms can trust the positive impact on our baby and our planet by switching to cloth diapers!

Are you game?

Have you already switched?

Please share!



The cloth diapers I share above are from a company called Simba and Mama.

This company actually donates one of their new cloth diapers to new mamas in a birthing center in Bali!  What a great way to spread the love, don’t ya think?!


Mary Kathryn Johnson

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