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MommyLoves her life! Author ~ Entrepreneur ~ Mom to 2 boys, 2 Aussies and a Kitty. Oh, I'm a Wife too!
MommyLoves her life! Author ~ Entrepreneur ~ Mom

MommyLoves was conceived in March 2003 – WOW!  13 years ago already?!

Breaking both my legs when I was 8 months pregnant, I found a strength, courage and sense of humor I never knew I had.  18 months later, I founded MommyLoves, the first online novelty maternity company.

Just like our children, MommyLoves grew and changed into something I never thought was possible, and so did I.

How does this help you, you ask?

This site has now become a dedication to Everything MommyLoves, from Maternity Shirts to This Parent’s Life to the keys to Parenting Entrepreneur Success, and I bet you have something to say about at least one of those topics! Your input will help others who visit and search for a cure for their parenting-induced insanity…so please browse around and add your experience!


If you would like to read more articles and blogposts of mine, I can be found on Mary’s BlogHubPages, Parent Entrepreneur Power and Beauty Tech Tools.

I hope you enjoy cruising around the site, and if you want to chat, just drop me a line!

Here’s to Everything MommyLoves!



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