Think Pink in October: 5 Myths Busted

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You may already know that October is breast cancer awareness month. Our entire society is “Thinking Pink” to raise awareness and funds for the disease.  As we share the goal of “Thinking Pink,” this month, I wanted to shed light on some of the common myths that are often associated with breast cancer.   As we are all mothers, daughters, sisters and friends, lets us educate each other and help spread knowledge to assist in the fight.

Myth #1: Breast cancer only affects older women

Truth: Breast cancer can occur at any age and the risks increase as we age.

Myth #2: Breast implants can raise your cancer risk.

Truth: Women with breast implants are at no greater risk of getting breast cancer, according to research. However, standard mammograms don’t always work as well on these women, so additional X-rays are sometimes needed to more fully examine breast tissue.

Myth #3: Birth control pills cause breast cancer

Truth: Earlier, birth control pills contained high doses of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Modern-day birth control contains much lower doses of hormones, which are not in any way linked to breast cancer.

Myth #4: Nothing can be done to reduce the risk of breast cancer

Truth: Maintain a healthy lifestyle! Keep to a healthy weight, exercise three to four hours a week, don’t smoke, limit alcohol use to five or fewer drinks per week, and eat five to nine fruits and vegetables a day.

Myth #5: Breast reconstruction is nearly impossible after a mastectomy.

Truth: If you need a mastectomy, you have a choice to rebuild the shape of the breast by breast reconstruction. With modern-day medical options, breast reconstruction is a viable option. If you’re considering breast reconstruction, opt for a top breast reconstruction plastic surgeon in Scottsdale.

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